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Pekkola Et Al 2006

Attention to visual Speech gestures enhances hemodynamic activity in the left planum temporale Human Brain Mapping 27 471 477 2006Attention to Visual Speech Gestures EnhancesHemodynamic Activity in the Left PlanumTemporaleJohanna Pekkola 1 3 Ville Ojanen 1 3 Taina Autti 2 Iiro P Jaaskelainen 1 3 4Riikka Mottonen 1 3 and Mikko Sams1 31Laboratory of Computational Engineering Helsinki University of T...

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Persuasive Speech Peer Workshop

Persuasive Speech Peer Workshop Speaker Evaluator 1Topic Evaluator 2 Speaker List 2 or 3 questions here that you would like your peer reviewer to address while responding to your outline Thesequestions can focus on aspects you are uncertain about parts that you would particularly like help or advice a section you reallywrestled with or a feature that you are particularly proud of123Evaluator 1 Re...

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Speech Outline

Speech Outline The Fill-in-the-Blank Graduation Project Speech Name Part One The Introduction Before starting reading this make sure you SHAKE the judges handsA Attention Getter This could be a story to lead your audience into your topic a shocking fact or a questionB Good Evening My name is During my time in high school1 I have been a member of2 I have played on3 I have worked part time at4 use ...

abss.schoolwires.net/cms/lib02/NC01001905/Centricity/Do...ech Outline.pdf
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Informative Speech Guidelines

Microsoft Word - Informative Speech Guidelines.doc Informative Speech A Historical FigureAn informative Speech attempts to increase the audience s knowledge orunderstanding of a topic through the presentation of information Yourpurpose as a speaker is to inform the audience about a topic in whichthey may not have prior knowledgeYour assignment is to present a 3-5 minute Speech over a person ofhist...

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Pet Peeve Speech Assignment

Pet Peeve Speech Assignment Pet Peeve Speech Assignment Speech 101Name Due DateThe purpose of this assignment is toGet you comfortable with speaking to your audienceProvide you with an opportunity to practice getting your point across to your audienceWhat is a Pet PeeveA Pet Peeve is something that other people do that really bothers youExamples of Pet PeevesYou hate it when people use all of the ...

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Demo Speech Check List

Demo Speech Check List NameDateFamilyDemonstration Speech Check ListIn order to be sure that you are prepares to present your demonstration speechplease answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES FAILURE TODO THIS WILL RESULT IN HAVING TO DO THE ASSIGNMENT OVER1 What is your Speech topic2 What needs do you have in terms of physical layout Will you need an overheadWill you need to have c...

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Extemporaneous Speech Structure

Extemporaneous Speech Structure 4-6 Minutes Most speeches follow the following format which was presented at the University ofIowa forensics instituteI INTRODUCTIONa Attention Getter This can be an anecdote or a quotation If it s an anecdote thereshould be a CLEAR analogy to the topicb Explain the link of your anecdote or quote to the topicc Explain the significance of the topic- connect to audien...

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Persuasive Feedback Forms 2014

Microsoft Word - Persuasive Feedback Forms 2014.doc Persuasive Feedback Form - Speech100 points possiblePOOR FAIR AVERAGE Good EXCELLENTStyleProfessional attire attitudeInitial and derived credibility poise confidence X X X X XEye contactDirect and sustained did not stare into space X X X X Xor look over people s headsEye contact built rapport with entire audience X X X X XFacial expressionsNatura...

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Standards For Oral Rubric June 2014

UNIVERSIDAD DEL SAGRADO CORAZ N ORAL PRESENTATION RUBRIC STANDARDS SAN JUAN PUERTO RICOCRITERIAVerbal Language 4-Excellent 3-Good 2-Fair 1-Needs Improvement1 Clear concise Message conveys a purpose Rarely Message is understood although Message is not precise Purpose Message is lost Purpose andprecise makes mistakes the purpose is not clearly stated is confusing Often makes ideas are not clear Cons...

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Essay Packet

Microsoft Word - Essay Packet.doc English 10 NameDate PeriodGuide to Writing an IntroductoryParagraphYour introductory paragraph does NOT need to be longer than four or five sentencesThere are 4 parts to an INTRODUCTION1 Hook sentence s Attention-Getter You want to capture your reader sattention with something interestingWhat can you do to grab someone s attention1 Story2 Quotation3 Simile4 Sensor...

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Reading, Writing, and Spelling in a Speech-Language Room 1Reading Writing and Spelling in a Speech-Language RoomBob Schlagal Appalachian State UniversityHelen White Catawba County Schools North CarolinaI the second author have worked as a Speech-language pathologist SLP in a publicelementary school For a Good many years now In the mid 1990s I also became a teacher ofreading and language arts That ...

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Allison Staak and Jenny Meis Health Lesson PlanApril 25 2011Title of the learning plan Bullying Grade Age level 2-3 Date 4 25 115 Pieces of paper with scenarios For each type of bullying physical verbal indirect social alienationMaterials Equipment Neededintimidation see belowComputer with projectorPledge paper For each student see attachedUnderstand and use basic health concepts to enhance person...

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Swsw 2002 Jesus The Carpenter

The Gift of Trees NACD Soil and Water Stewardship ObservanceBible Study Material 2002Jesus the CarpenterMark 6 1-6 Luke 4 18-21by Rev Gary Farley PhDCenter For Rural Church LeadershipCarrollton AlabamaNote to Bible Study teachersThe Gift of Trees essay by Neil Sampson makes a strong argument For each of us totake seriously the fact that the creator God gifted humankind with trees to use responsibl...

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7 2 Setsuko Says E Only

Teachers Learning with Children 3(2), July 1998, pp Teachers Learning with Children 7 2 Summer 2002 pp 14-16Busy busy busy Busy should be the middle name For all of us teachers My column in this issue is rathershort Hope you can pick up an idea or two Here goesK KazooA kazoo is a very simple instrument You can find one in a music shop or at a 100 yen shop You can use it1 as an Attention Getter in ...

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Book Talk Assignment 2012

Hutchinson Sophomore Honors English Memoir Biography Book Talk Nov 19 2012 3-4 minutes 30 points 10 each outline visuals speechYour book talk should reveal For us some of the key factors in the author s storytelling techniques Choosethree of the journal topics to discuss a section of the narrative arc a real-time scene use of the nowvoice use of show-don t-tell details or an element of the writer ...

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Pdf Samplesyllabi Public Speaking 2

Microsoft Word - Com290HonICCAE Communication 290HHonors Public SpeakingCourse GoalsHonors Public Speaking provides practice in researching organizing delivering andevaluating public presentations Course assignments prepare students to analyze complextopics and present them orally in a clear and coherent manner The course helps studentsto understand Speech related apprehension and presents strateg...

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WoodFavorite AssignmentRubricWhalen Business-Persuasive Evaluation FormDraftI Introduction 1 Begins with Attention Getter as assigned full engagement identify on monologue 2 Introduction Self in context name background in detail establish credibility Audience in context who are weII Main Ideas 1 Explains organizational background States problem 2 Summarizes solutions DateIII Solution mutually ...

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Joint Speech and Audio Coding Combining Sinusoidal Modeling and Wavelet Packets Eurospeech 2001 - ScandinaviaJoint Speech and Audio Coding Combining Sinusoidal Modeling and WaveletPacketsM rk F k Annam ria R V rkonyi-K czy and Jean-Marc Bouchera e a a oBudapest University of Technology and Economics Dpt of Measurement and Information SystemsBudapest M egyetem rkp 9 H-1521 Hungaryufek mit bme hu ko...

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DECISION TREE USAGE For INCREMENTAL PARAMETRIC Speech SYNTHESIS Timo BaumannNatural Language Systems Division Department of InformaticsUniversit t Hamburg Germanyabaumann informatik uni-hamburg deABSTRACT Incremental processing For Speech synthesis has so far con-sidered the problems of HMM emission probability estimationHuman speakers plan and deliver their utterances incremen-in local contexts 4...

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Beowulf Antiqa

SBL Beowulf Essay Assignment Beowulf is a classic ancient story of a Hero who fights monstrous creatures There are manyreasons that this tale has survived thousands of years and many reasons why this tale still relates to moderncultures Besides relating to modern society Beowulf also is a glimpse into the ancient Anglo-Saxon cultureIn this paper you are being given two choices on which to focus1 H...

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H3 Communication Cues And Clues

I have to repeat my points in an e mail or hold still another meetingEffective Business Communications Uses Clear Concise Wording ThatInformsPersuadesMotivates Your AudienceAnd Builds Long lasting Beneficial RelationshipsTO BE EFFECTIVEAll Messages Must BeOrganizedConciseRespectfulPackaged CorrectlyOrganized Messages Must Have1 Attention Getter2 Body3 Summary4 Call To ActionExecutive Speak Write

gscpa.org/Content/Files/Pdfs/SEAS Sessions/2011 SEAS Ma...s and Clues.pdf
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Literary Analysis Essay Outline Alis

vidimages Allow your voice to emergeGive background information about the theory as it relates to your textIncorporate research Define necessary termsState the thesis and projected plan in the last 1-2 sentences2 The body consists of 3 paragraphsBegin each paragraph with a topic sentence that states an idea relatedto the thesis Organize your essay around ideas relating to your criticallensIn the b

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Pitching To Business

Microsoft Word - Pitching to business.doc A Perfect pitchThe pitch is your opportunity to stand up in front of a potential partner to securesupport For your organisation Most of the hard work will already have been doneby the time you reach this stage of course your research the initial contact thedetailed planning But this is the opportunity to sell yourselves and your servicesand turn a prospect...

https://manchestercommunitycentral.org/sites/manchester...to business.pdf
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Info Speech

Microsoft Word - Infospeech.doc Kyung MoonInformation speechOctober 24 06KOREASpecific Purpose To inform the audience about KoreaThesis Central Idea Introducing Korea It is important to know about countries indirectexperience as it is very unlikely you will travel to every country in the worldOrganizational Pattern TopicalIntroductionA Attention Getter How many of you have been to other countries ...

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Seq 2

lift snld In substftnc that Hawaii was Ihe domliiMit strategic point of tho palflc BBHRS S I OK Ot-OTMBS OPEN TILL V V MWARMING SESSION NOT TheJtist aHARDLY BELIEVES ITHigh Official GivesMisquoted ThatMacArthur isOpinionEverything heroFATHER S PRIDEto dress upHIS HOUSE HARMONIOUS LeadingPiano Houseof RichmondBy Associated PressBAN FRANCISCO CAL Doc lt Mit-quoted1or-G n6ral MacArthur who IsHIn a ca...

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Slate2009 20 V2

s utterances generated through shad-2 1 Goodness of Pronunciation GOPowing and reading aloud By increasing the degrees of diffi-culty of learners tasks For each practice we examine how the Various techniques using HMMs have been tried in manyautomatic scores the conventional GOP and proposed F-GOP studies to evaluate pronunciation The confidence-based pro-change according to the cognitive loads po

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d including at least 3 food groupsTLW demonstrate writing skills by describing a nutritional meal sharing it by the end of class and using at least a fewdescriptive wordsTLW demonstrate a positive attitude by working well together with a group of 3 other students by showing acceptanceof other group members ideas at least 90 of the timeSuccess Criteria I Can statementsI can show my understanding of

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Draft Outline Sample

Microsoft Word - Draft Outline Sample.docx DRAFT OUTLINE FORMATList Group Member NamesFirst nameSecond name etcCMST 54 Fall 2014Claudia Mosby InstructorTitle of PresentationSpecific Purpose The purpose of our presentation is to inform our audienceabout your subject follows the ellipsisCentral Idea Thesis Statement What is the Central Idea or Thesis statement ofyour entire presentation from which a...

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Ext Householder2 03

Householder.p65 E CANNED Attention GETTING DEVICESEXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING OR DINNER THEATERxbyBrian J HouseholdertMost Speech texts recognize three basic parts of a discussions of movie and television programs descrip-Speech the introduction body and conclusion In more tions of political cartoons and others The basic premiseadvanced analyses the parts of a Speech are further bro- operating in the ...

https://debate.uvm.edu/NFL/rostrumlib/ext Householder2-...eholder2-03.pdf
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1224240988 505lid0

ogyof Persuasion by Kevin Hogan so you can get a small taste of the art of verbalpersuasion techniques so until I see you please enjoyThe NameThe most powerful word on the face of the earth is our own name When youwere a baby you heard your name over and over again you linked it withgetting Attention and you very much liked that Most people have a firstmiddle and last name That is the name which h

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