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Ef151 Rec 2 1 Projectile Motion

ef151-rec-2-1-Projectile-Motion EF 151 Physics for Engineers Fall 2012Recitation 2 1 Projectile MotionObjectives- Demonstrate that the vertical velocity is independent of the horizontal velocity- Solve various Projectile Motion Problems including shooting a ball in a tubeProjectile Motion Equationscoordinate system x horizontal y vertical upVector Equations Magnitude Directionga 0i j g downv v x0 ...

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Projectile Motion Unit Lesson Plan1

Unit Plan Projectile Motion Submarine 5 Deck Gun Developed by Lawrence Chapman Pre-Engineering Teacher Old Saybrook HighSchool Saybrook CT 2013 Submarine Force Museum Historic Ship NautilusSTEM FellowshipUnit Plan Projectile Motion Submarine 5 Deck GunLesson 1 History of the 5 Deck Gun ManualLesson 2 Projectile Motion Simulation Software QuestionsLesson 3 Fabricate an Actual Rocket and PVC Launche...

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Projectile Motion Calculations 2

Microsoft Word - Projectile Motion Calculations 2.docx Projectile Motion Calculations 21 A man performing the human cannonball routine at the circus was fired out of a cannon with a speed of24 0 m s at an angle of 40 0o to the horizontal If he landed in a net 56 6 m away at the same height fromwhich he was fired how long was he in the air2 A world record motorcycle jump occurred On August 31 1986 ...

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Projectile Motion Lab

Microsoft Word - 05 - Projectile Motion Lab 1 page.doc AP Physics Laboratory 5 Projectile MotionDISCUSSIONThe Motion of an object moving both horizontally and falling freely under the influence of gravity isreferred to as Projectile Motion Though the horizontal and vertical motions occur simultaneously theyare otherwise independent of each other Since there is no horizontal component of accelerati...

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Projectile Motion Inquiry

Projectile Motion inquiry Projectile Motion part IIWhat Do You ThinkOne day after school you are enjoying a can of soda After the can is empty you decide to toss it in thetrashcan What variables determine whether or not you make the shotYour taskYou are to design four different experiments Each experiment will answer one of the questionsbelow Concentrate on1 Identifying the independent and depende...

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02 Lab2 Projectile Motion

Microsoft Word - Lab2-Projectile-Motion.doc Lab 2 Investigating Projectile Motion Physics 152Prof Professor van der Veen Lab Instructors Ms Walker Mr StankovichLab 2 Investigating Projectile MotionIn this lab you will do the first part graphing with Excel with one partner For theshooting activity due to lack of space as well as lack of equipment you will work in agroup of 4 people with your entire...

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Angled Projectile Problems From Fluffy Review

Projectile Motion Worksheet SPH3U Date Introducing Fluffy the Norwegian LemmingRemember Fluffy from the title page He is a Norwegian lemming who inspires me as I write physicsproblems1 Fluffy was wandering across the tundra early one morning when he disturbed a Norwegianmoose The moose was grumpy and kicked Fluffy sending him flying with a velocity of 12 0 m sat an angle of 40 0 How long was Fluff...

chatt.hdsb.ca/~killinst/FOV1-000D0C0C/FOV1-000DB4F8/FOV...fy - Review.pdf
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Ccc Cms Motion Control Catalog

Model CMS COMPACT Motion SWITCH Economy Model with one signal set pointRugged aluminum or cast iron housing for full protectionHeavy duty shaft and bearingsPrecise and easily adjusted signal point for underspeed or overspeedAdvanced electronics eliminate Problems of centrifugal and fluid type unitsLow costOne standard housing incorporates both NEMA 4 raintight andNEMA 7-9 Explosion Proof construct...

catalog.jamiesonequipment.com/Asset/CCC CMS motion cont...rol catalog.pdf
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Vectors & Projectile Motion Horizontal Projectile MotionObjectivesFor a Projectile Motion understand the changes in the x component and y component ofits speedUnderstand why x-component of the speed is constant for Projectile motionPractice calculating the resultant speed for Projectile motionDisplacement Vectors vs DistanceIn two-dimension to accurately pinpoint the location of an object from a c...

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Ch 5 Projectile Motion

Name Physics Class Due for all sectionsDate Assignment not extra-credit On Friday 10 04 13Chapter 5 Projectile Motion 2 30 PMExercises5 1 Vector and Scalar Quantities page 691 Sketches in physics often include arrows in which each arrow representsthe and the of a quantity2 What two things are required of a vector quantitya force and time b direction and magnitudec time and temperature d directio...

chsdarkmatter.com/ch 5 projec...tile motion.pdf
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Projectile Motion Projectile Motion JEE NEETALFA TUTORIALSProjectile body which is in flight through the atmosphere but is not being propelled by any fuel is calledprojectileAssumptions of Projectile Motion 1 There is no resistance due to air 2 The effect due to curvature ofearth is negligible 3 The effect due to rotation of earth is negligible 4 For all points of the trajectory theacceleration du...

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Wk09 Projectile Motion Ii

Physics 1C Worksheet 9 - Projectile Motion II10 Points Namev x v cos v y v sin x f x o v t y f y o v t v f v o at y f y o v o t 1 at 221 The flight of Emanuel Zacchini human cannon ball over three Ferris wheels is shown below Each Ferriswheel is 18 m high Zacchini is launched with an initial velocity of 27 m sec at an angle of 53o from thehorizontal His initial height is 3 m above ground and he la...

faculty.guhsd.net/teklund/Wk09-Projectil...e Motion II.pdf
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Projectile Motion On An Incline 8

OpenStax-CNX module m14614 1 Projectile Motion On an inclineSunil Kumar SinghThis work is produced by OpenStax-CNX and licensed under theCreative Commons Attribution License 2 0AbstractMotion of Projectile On an incline can be studied in terms of a new pair of coordinate axes with x-axisalong the incline and y-axis along perpendicular to the inclineProjectile Motion On an incline plane is one of t...

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Investigation Real Life Quadratics Reading

Projectile Motion Definition Projectile Motion is an example of curved Motion with constant acceleration It is twodimensional Motion of a particle thrown obliquely into the airConsider the Motion and path followed by the ball when it moves in the curved pathWe will make two assumptions herea First assumption is that the free fall acceleration g remains constant and does notchange its value during ...

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2013 Type 1 Video Analysis Projectiles Soccer Ball

Experiment: Videotaping Projectile Motion Name s Hr Video Analysis of Type 1 Projectile motionGoal In this activity I would like you to analyze through video analysis an example oftype 1 Projectile motionType one Projectile Motion is characterized by projecting anobject horizontally above the ground and allowing the object tofall freely to the surface of the Earth Here is an example takenfrom you...

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ENHANCED Model SELECTION FOR Motion SEGMENTATION ENHANCED Model SELECTION FOR Motion SEGMENTATIONL Zappella X Llad and J SalviInstitute of Informatics and Applications University of Girona Girona SpainABSTRACT for trajectory matrix which does not require any tuning pro-cess nor a priori knowledge EMS is based On the relationshipIn this paper a novel rank estimation technique for trajecto- between ...

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Microsoft Word - Projectile Motion.docx Projectile MotionYou may want to read chapter 10 in your book On Projectile Motion to understand this lab Record ananswer to each of the numbered questions as you do the labPart one Two balls with different horizontal velocityIn the first part you will fire two projectiles from the table one falls straight down the other has an initialhorizontal velocityPlac...

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02 19 Projectile Motion Ii

Untitled Projectile Motion IIvx1 0 vy1 0Chara won the hardest shot competition with a shot that had an initial velocityof 105 8 km h 12o above Ha How far would the puck travel if it was allowed to keep travellingb What would the maximum height bec What is the horizontal displacement when the puck was 2 m above theground12Attachmentsjuggling parabolas mov......

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A Model Problem for the Motion of a Compressible Viscous Fluid Flow with the No-Slip Boundary ConditionMikhail PerepelitsaDecember 29 2006AbstractWe consider the system of Navier-Stokes equations as a Model of the Motion ofcompressible viscous pressureless uids in the domain R3 with the no-slipboundary condition We construct a global in time regular weak solution providedthat the initial density 0...

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Relationship Model Final Relationship Model In Cultural Usability Testing By Qingxin Shi And Torkil Clemmensen

relationship Model final Relationship Model in Cultural Usability TestingQingxin Shi and Torkil ClemmensenDepartment of Informatics Copenhagen Business School Denmarkqs inf tc inf cbs dkAbstract Culture plays an important role in the global market today It notonly affects products but also impacts On usability evaluation methods In thispaper we first introduce culture theories and two kinds of rel...

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12 Sph0301mm Projectile Motion Lab Report

Projectile Motion Lab Report PhysicsHS ScienceUnit 03 Lesson 01Projectile Motion Lab ReportTrial 1Launch Speed 25m s Launch Angle 450 Height 100 mThe initial velocity component in the x direction calculated is vox m sThe initial velocity component in the y direction calculated is voy m sShow your calculations for velocity components hereRun the simulationLaunch the Projectile at the specified vel...

midlandisd.schoolwires.net/cms/lib01/TX01000898/Centric... Lab Report.pdf
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Proj Probs11

Proj. probs 11 Name Block Date Ch 3 Projectile Motion Problems WS Lisa Peckg 10 m s2 vx dx vy gt dy 1 g t 2 t 2dyt 2 g1 In the physics lab Sara rolls a 10g marble down a ramp When it leaves the ramp it has ahorizontal velocity of 1 2 m s The marble falls in a cup placed 0 51m from the ramp How highdid the ramp have to be to allow the marble to land into the cup2 Christian is standing On a ladder ...

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HalePhysicsSyllabus PHYSICS Quizzes Quizzes will be given at the end of each unit Thesequizzes will mostly include Problems similar to those from classand the homework These will make up a major portion ofMrs Haleyour gradeRm 5204 Email hale aaps k12 mi usWebsite http www cainephysics com physics phpLaboratory Work Labs are done in order to develop thetopics of the course They are also used to dev...

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Circular Motion And Gravitation

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\Acrobat\plugins\OpenAll\Transform\temp\Circular Motion and Gravitation.wpd CIRCULAR Motion AND GRAVITATIONAn object moves in a straight line if the net force On it acts in the direction of Motion or is zeroIf the net force acts at an angle to the direction of Motion at any moment then the object moves in acurved pathKINEMATICS OF UNIFORM CIRCULAR MOTIONAn object ...

nick.wyershosting.com/3_Physics/Unit 2/Chapter 7 Circul...Gravitation.pdf
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Microsoft Word - vol11abstract VOLUME 11 JOURNAL OF THE NIGERIANASSOCIATION OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICSTABLE OF CONTENT TITLES AUTHORS AND ABSTRACTS1 Anti-synchronization of the rigid body exhibiting chaotic dynamics by EVincent R K Odunaike J A Laoye and O A Abiola2 Anti-synchronization of two new different chaotic systems via active control byB A Idowu1 U E Vincent2 and O A Obawole3 A new analytical...

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Wmvc 2 07 Call

IEEE Workshop On Motion & Video Computing Call for Papers WMVC 2007IEEE Workshop On Motion Video ComputingFebruary 23-24 2007Austin Texas USAThis workshop is being held in Conjunction with IEEE Workshop On Application of Computer VisionFebruary 21-22 2007The site of submission of papers electronically is under development and will be announcedshortly please periodically visithttp www cs ucf edu v...

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Cns No Slip

The Navier-Stokes equations for the Motion of compressible viscous uid ows with the no-slipboundary conditionMikhail PerepelitsaAbstractThe Navier-Stokes equations for the Motion of compressible viscous uidsin the half-space R3 with the no-slip boundary condition are studied Given aconstant equilibrium state 0 we construct a global in time regular weaksolution provided that the initial data 0 u0 a...

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Unit09lesson1 1

Unit 09 Motion in Two Directions Lesson 1 1 Solving Projectile Motion ProblemsSo the best way to learn to apply this info is to work through some Problems Yeah problemsExample 1 FootballBaseball is not the only game that makes use of projectiles In fact a large number of sports do Sotaking a break from baseball consider a football gameAt the beginning of the game your team is kicking off to the ot...

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Sun Local Layering For 2014 Cvpr Paper

Local Layering for Joint Motion Estimation and Occlusion Detection Local Layering for Joint Motion Estimation and Occlusion DetectionDeqing Sun1 Ce Liu2 Hanspeter P ster11Harvard University 2 Microsoft Researcha First image b Pseudo depth c Humayun et al 13 d Proposed e GT occlusionsf Second image g CNLP 22 30 853 h MDP 27 17 881 i Proposed 12 099 j GT motionFigure 1 The proposed approach detects ...

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Phet Proj Motion Worksheet

Phet Proj Motion worksheet Name Date Period Projectile MOTIONPre-Lab InvestigationWhat Do You ThinkOne day after school you are enjoying a can of soda After it s empty you decide to toss it in the trashcanWhat variables determine whether or not you make the shotKey Projectile Motion MeasurementsWrite out a definition for each term belowRangeHeightTimePrediction TableComplete the table below by l...

sun.menloschool.org/~jdann/physics/phet proj motion wor...n worksheet.pdf
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